Like all autarchs, Kai'aer has traveled many warrior paths and honed all aspects of the skill of war. He has mastered countless wars for craftworld El'doryyn, and led it to victory in many campaigns. His first foray into the path of the warrior was as a warp spider. There he learned the art of elusive strikes and tactics. Much of his preference for strategies comes from the teaching of the warp spider shrines he was a part of. As such he favors lightning strikes and hit and runs.

He wields his army with surgical precision, never applying too much force, and always targeting just the right location to cripple his enemies. He led craftworld El'doryyn's armies in the struggle on Ulyssa, for what was his first long-term drawn out campaign. His ability was tested in that new theatre of war, and he came out stronger for it. On that battlefield he learned how to fight a war of attrition, gaining final understanding of the ways of war.

Leaving the battlefield, Kai’aer becomes the craftworld’s permanent warmaster, guiding it through the battles to come.