Prior to Entering The Pegasus Gulf Edit

After the fall of their Chapter Master Azariah Kyras to the demon of the Maledictum, Gabriel Angelos picked up the pieces having just put the Chapter through a full purge in which everyone was questioned and removed to the Iron Tower if the brother was beyond purification, if the battle brother was found to have the slightest bit of taint they were placed under strict watch of 3rd Company Captain Aramus adding to the already full company. Gabriel has since sent the 3rd Company on a full crusade towards the knight

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Battle Brothers making their way towards the judging of other battle brothers.

world of Tempest in the Pegasus Gulf seeing that the world has fallen from the Emperor's light. Aramus having his orders to take the large amount of battle brothers towards Tempest. The rest of the Blood Ravens Chapter moved towards the main muster point to stop the 13th Black Crusade from reaching holy Terra. Aramus had the heros of the Aurelian Crusade at his side to help keep the slightly tainted battle brothers in check, Aramus gave all men under his command to kill on sight anyone who has risen arms towards the Emperor. Gabriel told Aramus that he would have no other chapter support so he must use his forces as effective as he can.

Over the Orbit of Tempest Edit

Aramus made immediate contact with the local Imperial forces. After contacting the officials of Heavensreach who had no interest in leaving their cozy fortress world to help the knights on Tempest.  


A knight of House Vymar being tended to from a tech priest.

Aramus headed to Tempest with the chapter fleet he must follow his Chapter Master’s orders. Once in Tempests orbit Aramus ordered his forces to help the House Vymar in the current civil war happening on the surface of Tempest.