Ty'rieal always had a very close bond with his sister, Y’nara. They both were called to the path of the seer at the same time and have worked side by side ever since. When it became apparent that they were capable of great power, they were trained in the ways of leadership and soon both became farseers. Together they formed the head of El'doryyn's council of seers, guiding the craftworld safely through the skeins of time and space.

Tragedy befel Ty'rieal when an Ork roc crashed into the craftworld and his sister was killed in the resulting battle. He took up his sisters spirit stone, for even in death these siblings would work together - her soul guided his through the shifting realm of the warp.

Ever since, he's taken a much more direct approach to war, often joining the forces on the field - his presence psychically invigorating to the troops he commands. He seeks revenge on all that oppose his craftworld and employs his powerful psychics to ensure his craftworld's victory.

In recent years, Ty'rieal has been slowly releasing his power in the council of seers, for he fears his growing bitterness and hatred is clouding his ability to lead.