When all turned to destroy the C'tan masters the Merenrakha Dynasty rose to defend them, paying greatly. Soon after they fortified far east out of reach of the remaining Dynasty's where they slumbered. Now awakened once again and clinging to what remains of the C'tan they work tirelessly to restore the C'tan to there former power to rule over the Galaxy once more.


Merenrakha engages Craftworld El'Doryyn.


The Great BetrayalEdit

Merenrakha Dynasty

Advance of the Merenrakha legions

Among all the Necron Dynastys, The Merenrakha Dynasty was proven to be an incredibly loyal and honorable to their C'tan masters. As their brothers turned against the Star Gods the legions of Merenrakha fought to defend the Gods whom made them immortal. Out Numbers and over powered like the C'tan the warriors of Merenrakha where defeated, though through the guidance of their C'tan master they escaped total destruction by fleeing far east gathering what remains of their C'tan masters. After conquering a string of smaller Dynasty's they remained noticed by the larger more powerful Dynasty's through luck and great deception, Here they lay to slumber waiting the chance to exact revenge and bring back the C'tan gods once again.

The Royal Court of Merenrakha Edit

Pharon Denesai The Scarred Traitor. Overlord of all Merenrakha.

Judicator Druax. Keeper of the C'tan way and High General of the Merenrakha legions

Overseer Anubaraka. High Cryptek of the Technromancy court and Lord of the Slave Legions.

Zuatsenn The Divine. Guardian of the C'tan, Blessed by the C'tan masters.