Ravenforge is an abandoned Forge World to the east of the Hades Gate. The Mechanicus there mysteriously vanished centuries ago. Recently, Waaagh! Boltbrainz took over the barren world and capitalized on their manufactorums to begin producing a large fleet. Nearly a year of conflict plagued the planet as the Xenos factions involved in the One Day War struggled for power on the ashen surface. Nearly another year of war ravaged the surface of the world yet again as the Merenrakha Dynasty woke from their tombs and fought the rising tyranids, all the while, several ork warbands remained on the hunt for the traitor Boltbrainz himself. The tyranids eventually consumed the world before vanishing themselves.

It was learned that Ravenforge was the seat of a great dynasty of necrons, and they have since risen from their graves and embarked once again on a campaign of galactic conquest in service of their eldritch gods.