A famed warrior-seer in his lifetime, Taeryn was a hero to the Eldar of El'doryyn. A terrible sadness filled the hearts of his people when his fellow seers saw his future death. Un-phased by his predicted doom, Taeryn continued to join the battle among the front lines. The day came when the terrible prophecy came true during a battle with the Dark Angels space marine chapter. Taeryn fell rallying his squad against the enemy, cut down by bolter fire. His death sent his fellow warriors into a frenzy, allowing them to achieve victory that day.

As usual, his spirit stone was collected and placed into the infinity circuit where he's dwelled for some time.

When the craftworld had decided to enter the war in Ulyssa, Taeryn demanded that he be placed into the body of a wraith seer so that he may lead the armies of El'doryyn once more.

His spirit now rests in the craftworld’s infinity circuit. Despite his death, he demands to serve the craftworld in any time of need.