The Homestead Marches are a loose confederation of sub-sectors surrounding Persephone. Most worlds in the Marches are colony worlds with low populations and token PDF forces. The Marches have been ransacked by warbands from the Black Waaagh since the beginning of M42, and after the schism on Tempest, have sided with the Secessionists. This has drawn the ire of Heavensreach, Ultramar, and the neighbouring Vandal Reach, all of whom seek to bring the sovereign colonies back into their respective folds as the fracturing Imperium moves forward in this age of uncertainty.

Bluehollow Edit

Bluehollow is a colony world renown for its exotic animal exports, such as meats, bone jewellery, and hides. The population is known for its hardiness and bravery. Bluehollow Lizard Rider Brigades were among the many, many joint task forces present during the Scourge of Ulyssia, and again during the First Battle for Bluehollow.