"Aye lad; aye, my hearties all round; it was the white terror that unmasted me; the white terror that brought me to this dead stump I stand on now. Aye. Aye." - Captain Haab recounting the loss of his leg.

The Novus Nantucket Levy Regiment Edit

The Novus Nantucket Levy Regiment stradles the line between a Planetary Defence Force (PDF) and a proper regiment of the Imperial Guard. Serving initially as a PDF to defend Novus Nantucket against a tendril of splinter fleet Titan, the regiment was conscripted to assist in the defence of other worlds in the Gadus system. While their success in battle has earned them respect, even amongst established regiments, their commander has become notorious across the sector for his iron will and fierce obsession.

Captain Haab Edit

Captain Haab is the commander of the Novus Nantucket Levy Regiment. Known for his unflinching discipline and harsh character, he is unique for his single stub of wood for a leg. Rumours amongst his men say that this limb was torn off in mortal combat between himself and a great white beast of the xenos that invaded his homeworld. Bearing a smouldering hatred of the creature that robbed him of symmetry, Haab continues to commit his forces to wherever he has heard rumours of his hated foe. With each battle more costly and his actions more manic in the pursuit of vengeance, some wonder how long the regiment will last before committing to a battle they cannot win.

Novus Nantucket Edit

The planet of Novus Nantucket is an aqua-world with a small popualtion, even by aqua-world standards. It is a cold and stormy planet, though bountiful in aquatic life which is processed for protein before being shipped offworldd. Most of the inhabitants live in small fishing communities strung out along in equator in rocky archepeligos, while a few hardy souls eke out a living on the polar ice caps, hunting the furs of infant aquatic mammals. Such a harsh landscape breeds a harsh people, and though they have never been tithed to the imperial guard and have little military culture, the men of Novus Nantucket have surprised even senior Imperial Guard commanders with their resilience.

The Salt Men Edit

After the regiment's near destruction on the planet of Tempestus, Captain Haab and his men were saved from certain death by a timely intervention by Marcus Polaris, an opportunistic Rogue Trader. Press ganged into crewing one of the Trader's merchant vessels, Haab and his surviving men quickly rose through the ranks to command the vessel, partly through their own merit and partly through forming a gang in the under-decks and removing all competent opposition. With an eye for talent, Marcus Polaris assigned the Nantucketers their own light cruiser to command, and formed them into the core of his mercenary forces.

During this time, Haab and his men took on the moniker of "The Salt Men".